Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stupid American

Yes. That is what people who watch Brit TV will be saying when they see my interview. I was in the Dunkin this morning (sadly not yesterday morning when Obama was there). I was bundling back up when a man in a delightful British accents asked me if I voted yesterday. Not knowing what I had been through yesterday I answered him with a smile and said yes. He then asked if I would mind telling him who I voted for. At that point I noticed the camera crew and figured that this may turn into an interview. I told him that I had voted for Obama. He proceeded to ask permission to tape me giving my answer and ask some follow up questions. It is very unlike me to accept to do on camera interview. I believe it was the combination of the lovely accent and the attractive crew that led me to accept.

And now for the stupid American part. The camera started to roll and I was asked if I voted yesterday and who I voted for. I delivered my answer just as before. Then I was asked why I voted the way I did. My answer was something like this:
"I voted for Obama because I agree with his message of change. I'm ready for someone new in the White House and feel that he would be a good fit."
Not a horrible answer but honestly, I sounded like I was reading a message off a poster. A product of mass commercialism and marketing, all I could provide was a tag line. I didn't back up my answer with reasons such as I agree with his stance on the environment, the war or women's rights. No, I just said I want change and I want it now. Damn Brits and their devious accents. I was putty in that man's hand. Inarticulate putty. I will spend the rest of my day wallowing in my inarticulate delivery.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Risking My Life to Excersize My Right VOTE!!! Ok ok...I'm being dramatic. I arrived at my house around 6:15pm. I decided that I was going to take the risk and head out to vote. I knew that I would be guilt stricken if I didn't. You don't have a right to complain if you don't vote and really, many have suffered much worse to make sure I have my right to vote. I headed out and took things slow. Traffic was bad but I arrived before 7pm and there was no line to vote. After voting and receiving my "I voted in Alexandria" sticker I got back in to my car ready for another caution venture out on the road. I figured traffic would have died down and that I would just have to worry about the icy weather. I along with many others pulled into the parking lot that was the DC metro area roadways. Honestly, I spent more of my time in neutral than actually running the motor and moving while I made my way home.

As time passed I decided to stop by Giant to pick up a few things I needed. I figured it would be a nice break from inching through traffic. Again, my naivety got the best of me. I walked out of Giant to see that the traffic/parking situation had not changed. With a sigh I got into my car and turned the key. The sound that came next was the tick tick tick that only means that your battery has absolutely no life in it. After looking up and shouting "why me?" I made my way back into Giant. I explained to the woman at customer service (multiple times) that my battery was dead, I had the cables and needed a jump. She asked a group of four male employees if any of them could help. In classic young male style, they all stared blankly and one by one stated that they didn't know how to jump a car. With a sigh I explained that I knew how to do it. All I really needed was a function car. A young female cashier ended up pulling her car in front of mine and providing me with just the type of car I needed...a running one. I hooked up the cables and started my car on the first try. I thanked her profusely and she went back to her cashier duties. I pulled in to my garage right after 8:30pm. So much for my evening. I hope everyone voted and made it home safely.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rock the Vote

Some of you may not realize that I am a mom. My title is Mom #2. My sister is probably the only child I will ever have. I'm perfectly fine with that. I have changed her diapers, taught her to drive and cried at her graduation. Now, I would like to encourage you to vote for her. I'm sure this won't be the last time I post this message but this is the first. She is running for Vice President of Administration at UVA. Watch her announcement speech here.

They also have a commercial. I'm so proud!

Don't forget to vote.