Thursday, August 16, 2007

The West Wing is Like Crack

I have been without cable for the last two weeks. Wes moved out and had the cable cut off. I am in the process of trying to schedule an appointment for Comcast to come out and turn it back on. I have been fairly busy so living without cable has only been a mild challenge. My lovely aunt has loaned my family the first two seasons of the West Wing. I have been watching one or two episodes a night. The problem is, I'm finished with season two. That's right. Mrs. Landingham is dead, the tropical storm has hit and in his own sly way, President Bartlet has let us know that he has decided to run for a second term. I need more. I need to see the staff reaction. I need to hear him say he is running for a second term. I NEED MORE!!!!!!! Last night I had the shakes when I went to bed. I'm going through severe withdraw. I realize that no one should be addicted to a TV show in this way but I can't help it. The West Wing in like crack and I am willing to beg, barter and steal to get another fix. Anything to buy time until I can get a hold of the next season over Labor Day weekend. Yes, my life is sad.

Update: Lis is the best and found someone with the third season. A big thanks to Claire for lending it to me.