Sunday, September 13, 2009


Yes I'm 28, and on this Sunday night I am watching the VMAs. I actually tuned in to watch the Micheal Jackson tribute that Janet organize but kept it on as I was doing the dishes. The first award of the night was for best female video (or something like that). T Swift won. I think the award should have gone to Beyonce but T Swift was extremely gracious when she accepted the award and I was happy for her and then it happened...T Swift was in the middle of her acceptance speech and before you know it, Kanye is on stage. He had grabbed a mic and was kind of apologizing to T Swift for ruining her minute and started declaring that Beyonce's video was one of the best of all time and that she should have won. He went on for a bit and then took his seat. Through the whole thing Beyonce was clearly embarrassed and was trying to discourage his behavior. Poor T Swift didn't even know what to do. MTV cut to their next segment. T Swift performed shortly there after and was a true professional. She took care of business and seemed pretty confident and for a girl who is still in her teens. I think that's pretty impressive. I think Beyonce should have said something nice about T Swift after her performance but on the other hand, she isn't the one who behaved poorly.
Update: In true ladylike fashion, Beyonce gave T Swift her time to shine. Beyonce won the last award of the night and as she accepted her award mentioned what a big moment it was for her to be at the VMAs when she was 17. For that reason she wanted to give T Swift her moment. It was sweet.

Kanye just added this to his list of stupid things he's done. He is so talented and could make s strong name for himself based on his talent alone. For some reason he feels the need to run his mouth in inappropriate ways. The sad part is that his message is lost in the commotion of his childish behavior. It kind of reminds me of this article I just read about another very talented man who should just keep his mouth shut and let his talent speak for him. Give us credit guys. We're smart. We'll figure it out. You don't need to rub our face in it in such a childish way.