Thursday, January 24, 2008

My So Called Blog

Honestly, I think this needs to be the new title of my blog. Not much exciting is going on in my life and the only thing I feel the need to blog about it the DVD series I'm watching.

With the help of many people, I finally purchased my own DVD series of My So Called Life. Last night, after I finished my homework (yes, I had homework), I proceeded to watch three episodes. My life is so sad. I have noticed that they are doing a really good job of repeating the kids clothes as if they are in the real world where you have your favorite outfit and are not super rich and can wear an outfit only once. As I was examining the repetitive outfits, one caught my eye. It's black leggings with red plaid boxer shorts over top of them. All of the sudden I remember having a similar outfit. The leggings were black but the boxer shorts were purple plaid. Angela wears hers with boots and scrunchy socks. I wore mine with Keds and scrunchy socks. I remember this so vividly because it was a major outfit. Part of it's major status was the major fight my parents and I got into when I tried to leave the house is said outfit. It began with my dad letting me know that there was no way I was leaving the house with underwear on the outside of my clothes. Followed by my reply that it wasn't a big deal because they were button fly. Shouting and possibly tears ensued. If there were tears, I'd just like to let you know that I am a much prettier crier than Claire Danes. My memory is a bit fuzzy as to how I convinced them to let me wear the outfit, but eventually they conceded. Man I wish I had a picture of that.

P.S. I still heart Jordan Catalano!