Friday, April 25, 2008

Welcome Home Bartie!

I went home for yet another fun filled Easter Holiday. Fun time with the fam you know. My sister brought two friends home with her from Mr. Jefferson's Finishing School. For Sha, it was her first Easter. We knew we had to do things up right for her.

Upon arrival my dad told us how there were six foot inflatable bunnies at the grocery store and that he had sent the Pam into a tissey when he inquired about taking one home. The Pam won and there were no bunnies greeting us when we arrived. My mom and my aunt when to pick out my cousin at to join in the fun. As soon as they left the house we looked at each other and knew the challenge was on. We were going to try and run to the store, buy the bunny, get back to the house and set it up before the Pam returned. My dad said he had never seen a pack of girls move so quickly to get out of the house. We all piled into the van and made a mad dash for the grocery store. On the drive there, we texted my cousin to let her know she needed to stall to give us a bit more time. As soon as we walked in, one of the check-out clerks spotted us and recognized my dad. She asked "you're back for the bunny aren't you?" We let out a confirmation cheer. She immediately stopped helping the person in line and got on the phone to call for a manager. The manager came and there was quite a furry or getting pricing and dismantling the bunny. We caused quite a scene. I had to tell a small child to back off when he tried to take our bunny. He was coming home with us. As the bunny deflated, one girl started to cry. "You've ruined it" she cried. We just laughed as we knew this would make our Easter. Once he was fully deflated we rushed to the van and back to the house. It was all about team work. I went and found the extension chord. The girls untangled the tethering chords. Dad supervised and help drive the steaks into the ground. Once inflated, we all rushed back into the house and waited by the windows, giddy with excitement. In minutes we found just the reaction we were looking for. The car pulled up with the Pam squealing that she couldn't believe us. It was great. The neighbors were slowing down and stopping by to talk to us. Sha suggested we give him a good Christian name. We settled on Bartholomew (Bartie for short) and the rest is history.
The girls with Bartie.

The Pam came to love Bartie.

We dyed 18 hardboiled eggs, 12 raw eggs and six hollow eggs that we termed "Forever Eggs." It was Sha's first Easter. We had to let her dye as many as she wanted.

All the girls with their "Forever Eggs."