Friday, May 16, 2008


I am not a morning person at all. This morning I was wide awake before my alarm went off. I suspect it was in anticipation. New Kids On The Block performed on the Today Show. They had been promoting it all week. Actually even longer. Fans began to show up for the concert on Wednesday. It was crazy but great. I totally wanted to make the trip up to New York to be part of the fun.
I got ready this morning quicker than I have in a while. In true TV fashion, they kept teasing that the New Kids were up next. Up next really meant wait through commercials and segments until finally it was time for them to perform. It was almost time for me to leave for work. I called Miriam and told her that I was ready to go but that I really wanted to watch NKOTB perform. Both my doors were open so that she could walk right in and enjoy the fun. I didn't need any interruptions once they started to perform. After waiting a half an hour, they finally performed. They did a medley of their hits. It was great. Joey wore is hat with the top cut out. They did their signature dance moves. Donny sang Hangin' Tough (but didn't wear overalls). It was great. It totally squealed with each new song. I am including the video so that you too can have a NKOTB flashback and make your Friday a bit more enjoyable.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Feeling Ancient

My sister just IMed me and told me that one of her friends just got engaged. A little bit of background information: My sister is six years younger than me, as is her friend. I have known this girl since she was very young. She was one of the first kids that I coached. I helped her older sister make the cheerleading squad...after I graduated. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am no where close to the relationship status that this girl is. I'm completely fine with that. It's just crazy to think that this girl, who is finishing up her junior year of college this week, is engaged. She's a super sweet girl and I'm sure everything is going to be great. I'm just in shock.

Congrats Katie and Jamin!