Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Night Gracie

Not Good Nite Gracie. Even as I type that my spell check says it's spelled incorrectly. It drives me insane when people use nite instead of night. One of the blogs I read has been using it quite prevalently lately. I consulted my trusty English guru. She agreed with me but then sent me this. Damn Webster. I still don't agree. I am now starting a revolution. I will eliminate the use of nite and change the world for the better. Plans for world domination to come.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Political Family

While my sister was in Charlottesville listening to Michelle Obama speak my cousin and aunt were in Wooster listening to Joe Biden. Below is the video of Cherie and Joe. I'll let her intro set it all up.
"Billy got me behind the scenes at the Biden Rally at the College of Wooster. The staff gave me a sign and a flag. The college kids gave me a flag and the Education Union gave me a shirt. I couldn't hold them all up at the same time. Mom would be so mad to see me chewing the gum! oh well! type in Joe Biden, Wooster Ohio. It will give you a few laughs from me but will give some good information from the Obama/Biden campaign!
Love ya', Mean it!"
I made it easy for everyone and just posted the video here. You can't miss her with the chewing gum mentioned above. Love her to death but Grandma Pat is throwing a fit somewhere because of that damn gum.

Here is Bill with Biden.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm Fired Up

If I only owned this shirt. I would be sporting it at this very moment. I received an email this afternoon letting me know that my team would be performing at a McCain/Palin rally this week. The rally is being held at the school and they are expected to be there to represent their school. That's crap! This is a televised event. They will be expected to cheer when the candidates are announced and cheer during key points of their speeches. I tried to find out if we were told or asked to participate in this rally and what we would do if an athlete felt strongly enough not to participate (we have a strict participation policy). The only answer I received was that they would be there to represent the school and not there to support any specific candidate. Yes, I am passionate about this because I think that Palin is the devil, would you want her to come anywhere near you? What fires me up the most is that there is not choice in the matter. This is huge. Not only are they not allowed to vote, but now they are being forced to smile, look pretty and cheer for someone who may go against everything they belive in. Even if this was an Obama rally, I would want them to have a choice in whether or not they participated in a rally.

I don't really know what to do right now. My first reaction is to get angry, scream, protest. I know this may not be the best way to handle the situation. I want a positive, intelligent way to react. I am in a position of authority and have to be careful how I handle this. My own agenda should not interfere with what is in the best interest of the kids. This is a great learning opportunity but I fear that it will end up being a gross example of exploitation.

Some ideas that have been suggested are:
  • Wearing Obama patches on their bloomers
  • Wearing "Yes We Can" hair ribbons
  • Doing the routine to the "Yes We Can" song
Keep them coming. Leave your best ideas in the comments section.

Update: The rally has been moved from the school. The community was in such an uproar over a partisan event being held during school hours that they were able to use their voice and get the rally moved. Love it!