Friday, May 4, 2007

Walk Left, Stand Right

To increase my cardio, I have been trying to make the effort to walk up the escalator when riding the metro. During the morning commute this is rarely a problem. Everyone is just pushing along, trying to get to work. This morning I could see that I had a clear path up the escalator, when and old man cut me off as I was getting on and decided to stand on the left side. That's right. The left side. As I have witnessed from the masses of tourists, not everyone knows the Walk Left Stand Right rule. I don't really understand why people don't get this. It's not like there aren't escalators all over the country. I can feel the commuters behind me encroaching. I politely say "excuse me." No response. I say again "excuse me sir." The man turns around, looks at me and then turn back. I turn around to the people who are buzzing behind me and they are all giving me looks like "what is this guy's deal?!!?!" I can feel the pressure. I decide that I'm going for it. I again say "excuse me sir." The old man turns around and looks at me not saying anything. I then say "sir, you have to stand on the right." With that he moved and I could hear everyone behind me simultaneously sigh in relief. When I reached the top I felt kind of bad. It wasn't like I yelled at this man, but still. I'm sure karma is going to bite me big on this one.


Lis said...

Isn't funny how it sounds so right in your head, and how you know everyone else is thinking it, but when it actually comes out of your mouth you feel guilty?

One day on my way out of the metro this woman stopped in front of me at the turnstiles (do we call them that? ). She took her purse, placed it directly on top of the smartpass sensor, and rummaged in her back looking for her farecard. So not only was she blocking the exit she was standing in front of, she was also blocking the exit next to her (which was smartpass only). It was infuriating.

So I stood there, and I said, "Seriously?" She moved her bag a little and mumbled, "I'm sorry." And I felt terrible for the rest of the day. Awful. Like I'd kicked a baby. So I understand what you're talking about. "Justified" or not, sometimes it just doesn't feel right to get on to people.

Number 4 of 5 said...

I understand feeling bad about it, I really do. But, for both of you, these people were in your way physically. There are very clear, unwritten social rules about these things, that you both were following.

I would not stand in front of someone trying to walk past me, at least I hope I wouldn't. But if I did, and didn't notice I was in the way, I would understand if the person asked me to move. Basic common courtesy. This is what both of you did, so I don't think Karma is coming for you.

I think both of you were pretty nice about it actually.

Clarkson said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence.